Lovingly challenging

Together we look for what is really important to you. In a short time, it is clear to you what your desired results are, what makes achieving these results possible and how we overcome any obstacles so that you can achieve what you want.

I offer you an open and safe space in which you are seen and heard and can simply be yourself. Sometimes you can finally let go of what gets in your way. I support you in finding your own answers and give you the inspiration to discover your options. You make leaps forward and always remain the owner of your coaching process.

That is only possible if we create openness and connection. This is also the basis of my coaching: connecting people with themselves, with each other and also with work. I look at you as a unique and authentic person, with all your wishes and desires, talents and opportunities. We approach your coach questions from there. For me, coaching is always tailor-made.

I challenge you to do three things: book a free and a no-obligation trial session, think about what you can use help with now and be open to give more meaning to your life. Why? It will make you happy!

I am a professional

I am an international certified professional coach.
I am Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Certified Senior Practitioner Coach (NOBCO/EMCC) and Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CTI). I work according to the ethical codes of conduct of the International Coach Federation and the European EMCC.

Team coaching

Besides life coaching, I also coach teams.
I coach teams in talent development, team results and the way team members work together. In addition, the team leader has a parallel coaching process for collaboration with the team and a personal development goal.

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